This site covers Avinashi's practice in yoga, massage and counseling. The foundation of her style is in the Satyananda yoga tradition, as well as Iyengar, IYTA and Ashtanga traditions. These range from the physical practice of yoga postures to the use of breath, meditation and yoga as a lifestyle and philosophy, and individual Ayurvedic yoga therapy sessions.

Avinashi draws on extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology as a registered nurse and remedial massage therapist, in gestalt therapy, rebirthing, process work. She has experience in the movement and body therapies of Rosen, Hakomi, Pilates and Continuum.

Join the Satyananda Yoga community. Visit their yoga centers on line in Australia and India.

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Contacts: Phone M. 0421 701 949 or (02) 6684 0469 (. EMAIL:

Clinic address 60 McPhails Rd Wanganui NSW or Mullumbimby NSW 2482